Bozeman Counseling


I look forward to hearing your story and witnessing your healing journey.

Here is a little bit about mine…

I grew up in the hills of the California coast near Monterrey. Playing outside and connecting with nature was where my soul felt most at ease.

Like many adolescents, I struggled with confidence and peer relationships. After some really challenging experiences, I began seeing a therapist. She became a trusted mentor and I can still remember feeling loved, understood, and held by her. It was a special experience for me that I will always remember.

spring-bozeman-montana-wellness-clinic-provider-rebecka-casto-counselorIn high school we moved to Bozeman, Montana.   I fell in love with the Montana wilderness and it helped facilitate healing and reconnection with what my soul desired.

In College, I began spending a lot of time in the wilderness by myself; hiking, journaling, drawing, doing homework. It was there that I felt totally free. It was also during this time that I knew I wanted to integrate helping others with the wilderness.

My professional journey began as a field staff member of a wilderness therapy program for adolescents in the desert of the southwest.  There I learned Earth-based wisdom traditions, taught communication skills, and empowered adolescents and staff members to find their way. I developed a special place in my heart for adolescents and have a great deal of compassion for their difficult and powerful journey from childhood to adulthood.

I received my master’s in counseling with a concentration in grief, loss, and trauma from Southwestern College in Santa Fe, NM.  We spent the entire first year working on ourselves. I also studied many healing modalities including: mindfulness practices, interpersonal neurobiology, art therapy, somatic therapies, Solutions Focused techniques, Jungian psychology, and spiritually based traditions. I fell in love with somatic (body-centered) work and depth psychology. It was also during this time that I mentored with indigenous peoples in Peru and North America, learning their cosmology and healing ways.  I applied all of these healing modalities to my own healing path and continue using those that I found most helpful and intriguing.

After returning to Bozeman, I counseled children and families at Emily Dickinson School in the Altacare program, a Comprehensive School and Community Treatment program.  Here I worked with students, teachers, and parents to create optimal learning and healing environments for the students.  It was during this time that I began studying and applying Attachment-Focused Family Therapy techniques.

Currently, I practice individual, family, and couples counseling at Spring Integrative Health. Offering more than traditional talk therapy, I incorporate guided imagery, somatic- attachment work, mindfulness practices, and insight-oriented therapy.  I am thrilled to work with Spring’s collaborative team in order to provide multi-dimensional healing for the clients that choose this path.

I am currently in two specialized training programs to expand my skills in guiding clients through healing trauma and relational wounding: Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing and Diane Poole- Heller’s Dynamic Attachment Re-patterning Experience.

I am a wife and mother to two sweet, active little boys. I value time spent with family, friends, and the wilderness.  Doing yoga, meditation, adventuring outdoors, and play feeds my soul and keeps me sane in this busy world.