What to Expect

What to Expect 2017-11-12T23:06:43+00:00

This is what you can expect working with the holistic doctors and practitioners at our clinic.

What To Expect

At your First Visit:

Depending on your provider and  will include:

  1. Warm welcome and introduction
  2. Initial review of intake forms and paperwork
  3. Thorough medical and lifestyle history
  4. Review of the pharmaceuticals and supplements you are currently taking
  5. Appropriate physical exams
  6. Detailed explanation of our analysis and approach to your case
  7. Individualized comprehensive  recommendations and treatment

As a part of this visit, a Spring provider will:

  1. Learn about your health goals
  2. Begin to get to know you as a person
  3. Discuss how health fits into the rest of your everyday life
  4. Take into consideration the likely things interfering with your optimal health
  5. Develop a sense of how your symptoms relate to each other and their underlying cause
  6. Create a partnership with you in achieving your health goals
  7. Create a partnership with your other healthcare providers

At Follow-up Visits:

During this time, we will get a sense of how your health has improved (or not) since your last visit, including an update on your symptoms and  health status.  Any pertinent physical exams or therapies will be performed.  A new treatment plan to will be created to continue to optomize your health.