Life is for Learning by Josh Overcash

The excitement of learning something new never gets old. When we learn new information it actually excites part of the brain and this stimulates change within us to happen. As a practitioner it is important to continue my education. Last year I dove into learning another form of therapy called Accunect. The excitement of this new info is still present with me. Adding this to my practice has become a key component in the healing process for people.
This has increased body/mind awareness for clients and myself and has facilitated even deeper shifts on all levels. Through this addition, I have noticed people healing not only deeper, but much faster. This is the goal for us all.
The Accunect System is simple, fast, effective and easy to learn. Come and join me on Wednesday, March 9th6pm for a public talk at Spring Integrative Health. I will talk about the  foundation of the Accunect System, how and why it works. I will also share some amazing stories of transformations that has happened in people’s lives.

The founder of the Accunect Healthcare System will also be coming to Bozeman to teach the Accunect course April 1-3. It is a privilege to have him come from England to teach the course. He has taught for over 10 years around the world and has a way of teaching that allows everyone to learn and go through a deep transformational experience themselves. After the weekend course you will be able to do balancing on yourself and others. This is something you can easily add to existing work that you already do!

If you are curious to learn more, check it out on Wednesday, March 9th @ 6pm
Come and join us!

For more information contact Josh Overcash at Spring Integrative Health

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