Adam Burke, Massage Therapist

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I am Adam Burke, a Bozeman native. I graduated from Health Works Institute in 2010 and have a passion for massage therapy. Health Works allowed me to study a broad range of massage modalities, in which I was able to find elements from each that enable me to express myself optimally as a therapist.

My massage style incorporates several modalities such as Swedish, myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, and sports massage. Ultimately, these modalities allow me to maximize my potential to benefit each client’s individual needs. I have been practicing massage for four years now, while working with a myriad of clientele, all with differing age, body types and specific needs.

I tend to see the most tangible results working with chronic ailments such as neck, back and hip pain that are often the result of poor posture and injuries. I strongly believe and recognize that therapeutic massage acts preventatively on the body, reducing stress, promoting healing, and fostering  optimal health.  In the last four years, I have witnessed life-enhancing transformations with each of my clients, which has been immensely rewarding.


When we find something of value in life, we not only preserve it for future use, but also want to share it with those we love.

That has been my experience with massage sessions from Adam Burke.

Through business associations, I had known Adam as a young man as he worked his way through various jobs. My encounters with him back then indicated the quality of heart and service he was capable of providing, and I looked forward to seeing where he eventually landed in his professional life.

When I learned he had become a massage therapist, I knew this was the perfect wedding of form and intent. Adam is the complete package you seek in a therapist: compassionate, aware, strong, enthusiastic, totally present, and most importantly for me, has a terrific sense of humor.

And did I mention his infinite curiosity and continuing self-education in bodywork? In Adam’s sessions, I am an active participant in my healing process, not just a passive observer.

I’ve scored huge points with my friends by sending them to Adam. He’s beyond a 10; I’d have to expand the rating scale for him!

 – R.W.


Adam Burke

Licensed Massage Therapist in Montana

Board certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.(BCTMB)

Graduate of Health Works Institute.