What’s so different about Five Element Acupuncture?

With 5E acupuncture, my goal is to envision you in vibrant health and work with every needle, herb, and conversation to move you toward that reality. I ask a lot of questions about you, and I hope that you spare no details. I want to know as much as possible about how you function, how you think, how you feel, and how you play. This all helps me formulate the right treatments for you. After all, you are unique. Your headache or your heartache is like none other. So why should I use a protocol of points to address your issues? The answer is, I shouldn’t. Treating to your constitutional make-up and situation enables you to heal from the root. When your symptoms resolve, I want them to actually be resolved. Treatments last an hour, and I see only one patient at a time so I can be fully present for your needs. It’s my way of saving the world… one happier, healthier person at a time!

In classical Chinese medicine equal emphasis is given to what are called the Three Treasures of humankind – jing (the inherited essence), qi (the life energy, consciousness), and shen (the spirit or soul). We are body, mind, and spirit, without separation. To treat one without the others can at times be effective and useful, but deeper, long-lasting healing is more likely achieved when we serve the whole being in its integrity. This is the goal of Five Element acupuncture – not only to move toward bodily health, but also to experience vibrant living and make evolution of the spirit possible. I invite you to experience Five Element acupuncture for yourself.