From MT Parent magazine: The Benefits of Infant Massage

The Benefits of Infant Massage

written By Genevieve Butler, LMT








Nurturing touch is a building block in the foundation of a healthy family. One form of nurturing touch is infant massage, a gentle form of massage therapy specially designed for babies. The method is taught to parents by a certified infant massage therapist and focuses on teaching parents massage skills and the physical, emotional and psychological benefits of massage. Infant massage is a great model for incorporating massage into any family lifestyle and enhances the bonding process that is so vital during development. Not only is it good for relaxation for parents and baby, but it also improves digestion, muscle tone and the overall health of an infant.

When working with babies, massage is actually split into two different styles depending on the age and weight of the child. When the baby is under four months and 12 pounds, the massage is considered newborn massage and the techniques focus on nerve stimulation. Then, as the child grows out of these restrictions…..(to read more click here.)

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