Functional Medicine

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Functional medicine is a system of medicine that addresses the whole person, not just a set of symptoms or a particular diagnosis.

At Spring Integrative Health, our naturopathic doctors are experts at functional medicine and putting all of the puzzle pieces of your health together. These pieces include vitamin and minerals, hormones, brain chemicals, inflammatory and stress molecules, gut microorganisms, antibodies, pH balance, and much more. We assess how these systems work together and how we can bio-chemically affect them to improve your health. Essentially functional medicine is the manipulation of your body’s biochemistry. Each person is a unique blend of molecules, emotions, and thoughts and functional medicine works to bring balance to the biochemical system of the body. Everyday and with every patient, our doctors utilize treatments that nourish and balance the body’s bio-chemical functioning. By doing so, health becomes naturally restored and the disease process is halted.

Given the right tools, the body will heal itself.

Another aspect of functional medicine is ascertaining the root cause of the symptoms/illness. An important question our doctors ask with every patient is “what caused this illness?” Through the functional medicine system our doctors assess every system of the body: neurological, endocrine/glandular, cardiovascular, pulmonary, digestive, urogenital and others to uncover where imbalances may have started. In each system we assess the structural strength, nutritional deficiencies, toxic burden, genetic abnormalities, oxygenation, inflammation and more. The goal is to unmask any weakness or sluggish functions in each system so targeted treatment can begin to correct the damage. Exposing compensations or weakness in the body differs from conventional medicine and pharmaceutical treatments, which are more palliative. By correcting any weakness in the body, the body can heal and function normally.

Functional medicine is the combination of balancing the bio-chemistry of the body and repairing tissue damage.

The tools we use are dietary counseling, nutrient replacement, lifestyle management, mental and emotional support. Health is not found in a bottle, weather it is a supplement or a medication. Through functional medicine, we give your body the tools it needs to heal. Your body does the work. Doesn’t that feel good?