Josh Overcash Accunect Practitioner & Instructor

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Accunect is a healthcare system based on the principles of acupuncture osteopathic theory and quantum physics, Accunect is an approach to whole body health care.  We all recognize that the nervous system governs the body. So, what governs the nervous system? It’s the mind! This modality balances the mind so it has the power to make transformational shifts in a person’s health. Accunect works by pinpointing an imbalance that is ready to change and highlights it’s potential for improvement. Then uses gentle techniques to integrate a more efficient and balanced way of being. The system is a perfect blend of modern knowledge and ancient wisdom for promoting healing on all levels.

Here are the basic principles of the Accunect system:

The first principle is understanding that we all have perceptions of reality. Each person has a different history with unique life experiences, belief systems, and expectations of the world.  Everyone is having a different experience of realty. Through those past experiences, created a lens of how we see the world. This lens is our own perception.

The next principle is that beliefs affect our physiology. There are numerous studies by quantum physicists and other scientists that have proven that our minds govern our physiology.  When we change our perceptions and beliefs, our physiology responds and lasting changes can be made at a cellular level and neurologically.

The last principle is that our minds are connected to universal consciousness, to God. This means that our mind and energy fields interact with that beautiful source that connects everything in the universe.

The basic premise of the Accunect system is simple:

  • The body is always healing. We work with increasing the quality in our body’s ability to heal.
  • Taking into account that health is our natural state.
  • Recognizing that stress distorts the body systems, leading to disease. Stress is the #1 cause of disease.
  • The misperception of reality creates and maintains stress.
  • The root cause of disease is the perception of separation.
  • All consciousness is connected by the Zero Point Field.
  • Water is the basis of communication and can be imprinted with a frequency by tapping.

All of this is not new. Accunect is a system that brings is all together to support your body to heal more optimally. Helping your body heal supports you to enjoy the beauty life has to offer.