Not Just Veggies: Why We Eat Beasts, Bones, and Broth

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Megan Ulrichs, Spring’s own Nutrition Consultant, fills us in on the good our bodies derive from Beasts, Bones and Broth —

Broth: Drinking broths made from chicken or beef bones and their meat floods your bloodstream w/ Glycosaminoglycans which go directly to the parts of the body that need collagen most. These molecules attract massive amounts of water to coat joint tissue, moisten dry skin & help tendons & ligaments stay supple. The minerals in these broths help regenerate collagen and bone mass. The natural gelatin that occurs in broths helps to heal the stomach after being compromised from antibiotics etc. Drink 16-24 oz/day or use it to cook rice, polenta, or anything savory that is cooked in water.

Meat on Bones: eat organic grass fed meats only. Buy and eat chicken on the bone with skin on. This meat is rich in nutrients for bone health and cartilage growth especially calcium, magnesium and other minerals. The fat from grass fed meats are rich in Omegas and acts as a MAJOR building material for cells. This fat helps your body absorb essential fat soluble vitamins like A,D,E & K. Don’t be afraid of the fat on grass fed steaks etc. If you reduce your intake of processed grains like wheat, you leave more room for healthy fat intake which aids in healing.

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Bone Marrow: Seems scary but for bone health this is essential as it is rich in  monounsaturated fats and like nutrients from our own bones! Purchase humanely raised from grass fed bison or cattle soup bones. Thaw the bones to use the marrow in recipes. When making chili or spaghetti sauce or soup scoop this marrow out of the bone and stir into your recipe for ultimate bone health.

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