Merrick Running

Pelvic Health Specialist, PT, DPT

Merrick Running's Experience

  • Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Harding University
  • Bachelors of Applied Sciences from Montana State University-Billings
  • Pelvic Health Certifications through Herman & Wallace Institute

How Merrick became a Pelvic Health Specialist:

Merrick received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy through Harding University and specializes in the evaluation and treatment of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy. Merrick treats pelvic dysfunction in both men and women and has specialty certifications in Oncology. She is dedicated to educating and empowering her patients and focuses not only on addressing the dysfunction, but the “why” and the root.

Pelvic Health Physical Therapy seeks to identify musculoskeletal dysfunction within the pelvis through the pelvic floor muscles and identify dysfunction of the pelvis as it relates to the rest of the kinematic chain. It is foundational for sustaining balance in both basic and complex body movements, and it is critical for ensuring wellness with urinary, bowel, and sexual systems. The pelvis is the base from which movement flows and it must interrelate with the upper and lower body rhythmically to create optimal function. Our deep core system has to engage in a way that ensures alignment, thereby inducing stabilization and preservation of best movement patterns.

Why I joined the team at Spring:

The Team at Spring Integrative Health is just that, a team! I highly value a collaborative, team-based approach to patient care and the providers at Spring embody this fully. We all seek the best interest of our patients and can provide holistic care to each patient here at Spring. This model promotes best practices and greatly enhances patient outcomes.

Conditions I love to treat:

  • Urinary:
    • Stress, Urge, or Mixed Incontinence
    • Urgency / Frequency
    • Dysuria (discomfort/burning)
    • Interstitial Cystitis
    • Hesitancy or weak stream
  • Bowel:
    • Incontinence, fecal smearing, or uncontrolled gas
    • Urgency
    • Constipation / Outlet obstruction
    • Painful BM
  • Sexual Function:
    • Dyspareunia
    • Vaginismus
    • Vulvodynia
    • Dysorgasmia (pain with orgasm)
    • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Trunk/SI/Pelvis:
    • Sacroiliitis
    • Sacral torsion
    • SI pain
    • Pelvic girdle pain
    • Sciatica
    • Abdominal pain
    • Hernia
    • Scar tissue management
    • Orchalgia
    • Penile pain
    • Premature Ejaculation
  • Cancer:
    • Urinary / bowel /sexual function
    • Pre-post op / Radiation care
    • Endurance / fatigue

Things you may not know about me:

Outside of the clinic walls, Merrick’s passion overflows into her gift for music and enthusiastically serving others. She is a secret (or not so secret) foodie and loves to be active, especially playing one-on-one with her husband.

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