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Naturopathic Medicine Bozeman Montana

At Spring Integrative Health we take women’s health seriously! Women are busy these days, running businesses, raising families and generally managing the world. In order to achieve all of this, women need to nourish themselves…first. This means having balance in the hormonal, emotional and neurological systems. This means having high energy. This means healthy eating and vitalizing daily routines. But who has time for this in a busy life?

The providers at Spring Integrative Health help women achieve balance in their lives. If you feel balanced, healthy, and strong, you can tackle all of the above and have self-time. You don’t have to suffer with hormonal mood swings, fatigue, low libido or depression. Dr. Bonville and the team at Spring Integrative Health have the tools to help you find balance. We offer visits and treatments for the following:

· Comprehensive Women’s Annual Exams

· Weight Management

· Osteoporosis prevention and treatment

· Bio-identical Hormones Replacement

· Treatment for Menopause

· Stress and Exhaustion Management

· Breast Health


· Infertility and Pre-Conception Counseling

· Thyroid disease

· Post Partum Depression

· Natural Mood Support and Treatment for Anxiety, Irritation, and Depression

· Low Libido

· Painful Intercourse

· Vaginal Infections

· Birth Control

· Skin Problems

· Hair Loss/Growth


· Endometriosis

· Uterine Fibroids

When treating women’s health issues, Dr. Bonville and the team at Spring Integrative Health treat the whole person with an extensive knowledge of the female hormonal system. We emphasize creating balance in the neuro-immune-endocrine systems (or how brain-immune-hormone systems work together) in hormonal health issues. Using functional medicine (link) our practitioners work to put the puzzle pieces of your health together to achieve overall wellness. Our doctors combine holistic treatment approaches with scientific, evidence-based therapies to treat your health care needs.