About Spring


  • Nurturing: Our mission at Spring is to provide a safe and nurturing environment to deliver quality integrative healthcare to individuals from all walks of life so they may heal and grow.
  • Collaboration: We specialize in personalizing your healthcare by collaborating with all of your healthcare providers (at Spring and outside of Spring) to provide a diverse array of treatment options.
  • Concierge: At Spring patients also benefit from direct access to their physician and other providers.
  • Community: It is also in our mission to collaborate with the community and provide affordable integrative care. We are proud to give a portion of our revenue to non-profits in the Gallatin Valley.


True collaboration is an art form where individuals work together to create or achieve something. At Spring Integrative Health we collaborate to achieve health and wellbeing, for you and your family. Have you ever wanted to find a health care system where you can get the opinion of a doctor, acupuncturist, energy worker, counselor and nutrition expert at once? Ever wish your doctors talked jointly about your health issue? At Spring Integrative Health we make this happen. Our naturopathic doctors communicate with your medical doctors regularly regarding your care. We also offer packages at Spring that allow all of your providers to strategize regarding your health issues, all in one room at one time.  Our collaborative approach model is unique. We are able to tailor specifically to meet your health needs. By working with the whole you from the different perspectives of our health care providers, you are able to restore health in your life. We make it happen.


At Spring Integrative Health we celebrate integration. We put it into action. When you integrate things, you bring them together. Integration is the act of combining many parts into an integral whole. It is the lack of separation. What does this mean to us? It means seeing you as a whole person, not just one symptom, not just one organ, emotion or disease, but as a whole person and treating you as an integral human being. We also view your medical care in the same way; we combine conventional, alternative, and holistic medical care for your benefit. We do this in our office and with your providers outside of our office. Our providers excel at putting all of the puzzle pieces of your health and your medical care together to make up the WHOLE YOU. Let us bridge your health care to take care of all of you. True integration is what helps people heal. Fast.

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