Spring Health Partners


Eryn Scott, ND, PLLC

Naturopathic Doctor, Pediatrics

Dr. Rachel Day/Le Visage Wellness

Naturopathic Doctor, Regenerative and Aesthetic Treatments

Dr. Alisun Bonville ND, FABNE, IFMCP

Naturopathic Doctor, Founder & Medical Director

Dr. Jennifer Krieger

Naturopathic Doctor, Integrative Oncology Provider

Integrative Partners

Alyssa Lundquist with Tiny Talk Trio LLC

Kelli Gibbs, LAc with Inspire Wellness LLC


Mercedes Wakefield

Certified Health Coach

Supportive Staff

Killian Potter

Office Manager and Phlebotomist

Lori Beth Hamilton

Office Joyologist, Naturopathic Medical Assistant

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