Reclaim your Health with Acupuncture and Chinese medicine

    Chinese medicine and acupuncture are both ancient and cutting edge. Chinese medicine always considers the whole person. Just like we can get stuck in a rut with our habits, we can get stuck in dysfunctional patterns that affect our health in negative ways. The goal of Chinese medicine and acupuncture at Spring Integrative Health is to encourage the body to change these dysfunctional patterns and restore health and harmony.

    Acupuncture works by stimulating your body to heal and balance itself.

    With back pain, for example, first we consider where the pain is, the quality of the pain (sharp, stabbing? Dull ache? Throbbing?), what makes it better or worse, how long it has been present. All of these factors are critical to proper treatment.
    Sometimes needles are used in the area of the pain, but usually, and especially if the area is tender and painful, we use points that are not near the affected area but have a profound ability to affect that area. These are called distal points.

    Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are also excellent as a cosmetic treatment.

    A facial acupuncture series can help lift sagging, soften wrinkles, clear the complexion, as well as improve sleep, mood, digestion and overall health. It is a true anti-aging procedure. Psoriasis, eczema, acne, rosacea, melasma, and unexplained rashes are all very effectively and lastingly treated with Chinese herbal medicine.

    A typical session

    The first visit with our acupuncturist is about 75-90 minutes and will include a review of present and past health, current symptoms, and health goals. THe visit usually ends with an acupuncture treatment, shiatsu, moxibustion and cupping. Treatments can also include cosmetic, auricular or scalp acupuncture and a Chinese herbal prescription. Most people feel relaxed and balanced after a treatment. Your subsequent visits will be much faster – usually an hour or less. We will review your progress, discuss the treatment plan and follow with an acupuncture treatment.

    Typically acupuncture treatments are given once a week. If the condition is acute and painful, treatments may be given 2-3 times per week until the condition starts to come under control. The exact duration of treatment depends on the condition, your basic level of health, and how well you respond to acupuncture.

    Acupuncture isn’t just for pain.

    Acupuncture and Chinese medicine is a complete medical system. Because we are treating functional/dysfunction rather than a disease label, many conditions can be treated with very good outcomes.

    Other conditions treated:

    • Skin issues and antiaging
    • Digestive problems
    • Hormone issues
    • Allergies
    • Fatigue
    • Depression and anxiety
    • Headaches

    Our Acupuncture Experts

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    Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

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