Functional Medicine and Lab Testing


    The Naturopathic doctors (NDs) at Spring Integrative Health love detective work with functional medicine.

    Labs and functional tests provide health clues to help us discover where your system is struggling and why you’re not feeling your best. If something is out of balance, there’s usually a reason.

    Our NDs not only look for disease, but how is the body working, or functional lab testing.

    In addition, labs help clarify which concerns you should prioritize so that we can not only work preventatively but proactively on your health.
    Naturopathic doctors want to help you understand what your lab results really mean, so we take the time to explain what the numbers mean and strategize what needs to be done to improve your overall health.

    Common lab tests run at Spring Integrative Health

    • Female Hormone Panel
    • Male Hormone Panel with PSA
    • Complete Thyroid Hormone Panel with Antibodies
    • Diabetes Risk Assessment
    • Cardiovascular Risk Assessment
    • Liver and Kidney Function
    • Complete Blood Count
    • Genetic testing including MTHFR and cancer risk
    • IgE, IgG and IgA Food Allergies
    • IgE Respiratory Allergies
    • Celiac Antibody and Gluten Sensitivity Testing
    • Food Intolerance testing
    • Autoimmune Panels
    • Vitamin D
    • Comprehensive Nutrient profiles for vitamins and minerals
    • Functional and comprehensive stool testing
    • Heavy metal testing
    • Adrenal and cortisol testing
    • SIBO and breath testing
    • PAP, HPV, STI, vaginosis testing
    • Imaging including xrays, ultrasounds and CT/MRI when needed

    Lab Hours:

    For your convenience, Spring Integrative Health offers on-site lab services. We offer Blood Draws for onsite labs done: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings from 8:30 am-9:30 am.

    Need to schedule a Blood Draw? Click here for our Online Appointment Request Form or call 406-586-2626 to schedule!

    Our Functional Medicine and Lab Testing Experts

    Dr. Alisun Bonville ND, FABNE, IFMCP

    Naturopathic Doctor, Founder & Medical Director

    Dr. Jennifer Krieger

    Naturopathic Doctor, Integrative Oncology Provider

    Private: Emily Potter

    Clinical and Holistic Nutrition Consultant, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

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