New Patients

What to Expect

  • A thorough investigation of your medical concerns
  • Comprehensive medical and lifestyle history
  • Review of medications and supplements that you are currently taking
  • Organize, prioritize and guide you with best quality supplements and dosage recommendations
  • Analysis of past lab work and creation of new labs necessary to order next
  • Appropriate physical exam if deemed necessary
  • Establishing your health goals
  • Detailed explanation of our treatment recommendations and our Plan of Care

Prepare for First Visit

  1. Complete the New Patient Intake and consent forms prior to your visit. These forms are emailed to you once you schedule your new patient visit. To read the full Notice of Privacy Practices, click here.
  2. If you have recent blood work, scans or tests completed by your prior doctor or health care provider from the past year, please organize and bring these reports to your first visit. You can also get a head start emailing them to our reception staff and they will attach to your chart prior to your first visit.
  3. Learn more about Fullscript, our online natural pharmacy.  If you need any assistance completing your order at the end of your appointment or between visits, our Spring team is available to assist you.
  4. Visit our contact page to review directions and parking instructions prior to your visit for prompt arrival time. You can also view our virtual tour on the contact page so you can see what our building, office and even the parking lot looks like so you can find our office with ease. For any questions, feel free to call 406-586-2626. Please keep in mind we have a 24 hour $50 cancellation policy to respect the needs of our patients on our waiting list.
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