Success Stories

I Feel Supported

Spring has helped me is so many ways. My mental health, emotional health and physical health has all improved. I feel balanced, uplifted, worthy, and more relaxed. I have a lighter sense of well being. Keep doing what you all are doing. You have a great team. I feel supported. Thank you all!

Knowledgeable and Motivated

As I think of all the qualities I look for in a physician, I realize that I have found a physician that has all of them. Aside from being highly knowledgeable and motivated, Dr. Bonville has a keen intuitive sense, which allows her to quite efficiently assess and treat my current health imbalances. I began seeing Dr. Bonville in order to treat more chronic issues and attain a better state of wellness, but when I was faced with a acute situation, I felt rest assured that I was going to receive the best care possible. And I did. Dr. Bonville has a true gift of making a person feel comfortable with a great balance of humor, integrity and professionalism. I feel as if she really understands who i am- which allow the healing process to happen more easily. I have been to see many different Naturopathic Physicians over the years, but never did I have the level of confidence in a physician’s medical knowledge and healing abilities until I began seeing Dr. Bonville.


One of a Kind

Dr. Alisun Bonville is one of a kind. She is exceptional in all aspects and is the best doctor I have seen in reference to her knowledge, skill, deep sense of caring, desire to help patients, and ability to listen. Dr. Alisun Bonville always puts extra effort into her patient’s cases, which leads to great results. She has a kind, gentle, warm and welcoming heart and is an extraordinary doctor!


New Spring In My Step

I’ve been working with Dr. Bonville on a lifelong problem and a couple of issues related to being post-menopausal. I just turned 50 and I have more vitality than I’ve had in the past few years. My husband keeps telling me how beautiful I am and other’s have mentioned noticing a change in appearance. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t turning 50 that gave me new spring in my step, but it is a direct result of the natural healthcare measures that Dr. Bonville has prescribed. I truly appreciate her approach to healthcare, the time she devotes to her patients, and her follow through. I highly recommend Dr. Bonville to anyone that would like personal healthcare with a sensible approach.


Cannot Say Enough

I recently decided to change my health care from my retiring general practitioner to naturopathy and after accidentally meeting Alisun seated next to me on a flight and discovering her specialty is women’s health I decided she would be the perfect fit for me. I am 50+ year old menopausal female in generally good health, but recently experienced a significant decline due to thyroid problems and decided to make the switch immediately to Alisun. I am now a month into being cared for by her and cannot say enough, about how wonderful she has been. She is attentive, thorough, seeks my participation and has garnered my trust in a this very short time. I am continuing to experience marked improvement in my mini-crisis and believe that over time she will be able to help me achieve all of my health care goals. Thank you Alisun.


Friendly, Caring, Understanding, Honest, Trusting

I would like to give you a huge, and special thank you (Dr. Bonville) for everything you’ve done for me. I have noticed a huge difference since I first started seeing you. You are so friendly, caring, understanding, honest, trusting, and very helpful and hopeful. I always look forward to our visits because I see you as a friend and I feel comfortable sharing with you what is going on. You have also given me hope that I did not have before. You take the time to listen and to really figure out what is going on. Some of the Western medical doctors I have seen in the past never really told me or looked into what the root of the problem was, their answer would just be something like “well, you have an unusual or rare condition.” You can always tell when a person loves their job because it shows and it reflects on the treatment of their patients. This is the first time I have seen a naturopathic doctor and I have loved it so much that I have been looking into being able to incorporate naturopathic medicine in the profession I have chosen. Thank you so much for all you do and for being who you are. You are not only an awesome and excellent doctor but a true inspiration. Thank you!


Cares So Much

What I like about Dr. Bonville is that she cares so much about her patients. She really took the time to listen and understand what my issues were before recommending treatment. I had grown used to doctors that are in a hurry and don’t take the time to get to know their patients so it has been a real pleasure to work with Dr. Bonville. Thanks to her, I am feeling more energetic and looking better. Her holistic approach to health was just what I was looking for and I highly recommend her to anyone!


Feel the Healing Power

I began seeing Dr. Bonville as my primary physician this last spring of 2010. I had been recommended by an MD to begin taking a couple prescribed medications to counter a couple hereditary issues. Dr. Bonville met with me over just a couple hours and immediately began educating me on the basics of health. This was very new to me, as my previous experience with physicians was always simply instructions without the education.

Much like a professor and their student, Alisun adapted quickly to how I would most effectively take and implement her education. That way she was a step ahead when it came time to begin implementing her naturopathic solutions. I have now been following Dr. Bonville’s solutions for about a month and can already feel the difference. The best part is I feel the healing power of natural supplements without the side effects that most western medicines will generate.


So Very Fortunate

The moment I met Alisun and learned about her passion for women’s health I knew I needed to get to know her better. When I learned that she could be my primary care provider I was thrilled to say the least. I’d had chronic digestion issues for 10 years but with her compassionate care I reached a new level of health that I never knew existed. I love that she spends so much time and asks so many questions and doesn’t settle for mediocre health. I always felt completely taken care of when I was around her and had a trust for her that I never had for any other health practitioner in my life. I miss her dearly but am so happy for the people in Montana who will get to be cared for by her — you are so very fortunate.


Seen so many other doctors

Dr. Bonville and her team have truly changed my life. As a previous patient of other naturopaths in town for the last 4 years, I have not felt as better as I have in the last two months. Her compassion to help and understand your body to begin the healing process is exceptional. Instead of putting a bandaid over a bandaid, she truly listens and wants to give you the knowledge you need to help heal. She has changed my life for the better in a matter of months after what was years searching for what she gave back to me! I cannot thank her and her team enough for taking the time to know their patients and making it a point to truly help and heal!

able to become more in tune with my health

” I just really appreciated that Mercedies and Dr. Ali never rushed me or felt like they wanted to get rid of me, they were able to let me talk and really listen. In return, I feel like I’ve been able to become more in tune with my body in a more holistic/whole body aspect to carry out long term”


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