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    Many people are curious about the thyroid gland and how it impacts their health.

    Maybe you have heard from a friend, family member, or health blog about how important the thyroid is to your health?

    Do you suffer from fatigue, weight gain, or hair loss?

    Maybe you have been told your thyroid is “normal” but still experience symptoms of poor thyroid functioning?

    Maybe you are treated for hypo or hyperthyroidism but still do not feel your best?

    The Naturopathic doctors (NDs) at Spring Integrative Health know the importance of healthy thyroid functioning and hold a special interest in treating a variety of thyroid disorders. The thyroid gland may be little but it has a BIG job!

    When it comes to thyroid medication or supplementation we believe that less is better! Our NDs employ a combination of nutrients, vitamins, herbs, nutrition, and medications when indicated to bring balance to thyroid function. Spring Integrative Health’s doctors know that thyroid health does not exist in a vacuum, and to successfully treat thyroid conditions we must almost always also pay attention to the entire hormonal system. This broad and mindful approach to thyroid health brings about balance in the least invasive, most nutritive way possible.

    Thyroid Strategies used at Spring Integrative Health:

    • Functional and comprehensive thyroid lab testing, (one test cannot tell us everything!)
    • Optimize nutrients status for the production, conversion, and absorption of thyroid hormones
    • Use a functional medicine approach to thyroid health: assess the full hormone picture in addition to thyroid health (adrenal hormones, reproductive hormones, etc.)
    • Work with your primary physician or endocrinologist as needed
    • Work to find the optimal type of thyroid medication at the lowest dose when appropriate

    Outcomes achieved with a Naturopathic approach to thyroid health:

    • Better energy
    • Ideal body composition and weight
    • Healthy skin and hair
    • Better sleep
    • Clearer thinking
    • Improved mood
    • Good bowel functioning
    • Increased strength

    Our Thyroid Solutions Experts

    Dr. Alisun Bonville ND, FABNE, IFMCP

    Naturopathic Doctor, Founder & Medical Director

    Dr. Jennifer Krieger

    Naturopathic Doctor, Integrative Oncology Provider

    Private: Kyrsten Reistad

    Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

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