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What is it like to see a holistic dietary consultant?

A visit with a holistic dietary consultant is similar to a visit with a nutritionist. The approach of a holistic dietary consultant is that of listening to the client’s symptoms or challenges and reviewing a food journal of at least 3-5 days.

Many people sheepishly hand over their food journal for fear of being chastised over their imperfect diet. This is absolutely not the reason for a food journal! This food journal simply opens the door into your eating habits and allows me to help you make necessary food choices that will support your health.

If you had a perfect diet, chances are you would not be seeing me, and it is not my job to judge, but to educate and support you. We will work together to develop a plan that suits your financial needs as well as your time constraints, food intolerances and bio-individuality.

After you receive your dietary plan, we will set up subsequent coaching sessions to review your progress, challenges and triumphs and make any necessary changes to further your success.

Ultimately, the goal of a holistic dietary consultant is to educate the client on how to eat a sustainable diet that supports robust health, balanced weight and a strong immune system. The best part about working with a holistic dietary consultant is experiencing the potential side effects! When balancing your health through nutrition, the natural side effects are often weight loss or necessary weight gain, clarity of the mind, increased energy and an overall feeling of well being.


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Megan Ulrichs, BS nutrition/exercise science., MSHN (student at Hawthorn University), Member of Weston A. Price Foundation and National Association of Holistic Nutrition Professionals.