Basic Needs and the Newborn Baby

By Josh Overcash: Bodytalk, Craniosacral Therapist, Accunect, LMT

Sleep.  Eat.  Poop.  Repeat.

This is the life of a newborn baby.  In a perfect world, there are no problems with the functioning of these basic needs but oftentimes I see babies in my practice at Spring Integrative Health who are struggling with quality sleep, feeding issues, and constipation and/or gas.

Positioning in-utero and birth trauma can and do contribute to tight fascia in the newborn, which can contribute to the fulfillment of these basic needs being compromised.  Fascia is one big web of soft connective tissue that wraps throughout the body.  Unwinding fascia tension in newborns using the Gillespie Approach of Craniosacral Fascial Therapy leads not only to healthier, smarter, stronger, and happier babies, it also helps relieve and resolve common complaints such as breastfeeding difficulties (latch, suck, and swallow), reflux, colic, constipation, indigestion/gas, and napping issues, as well as strabismus, torticollis, pyloric stenosis, stridor, and clubfoot.  


Both parents and baby need good sleep.  When baby doesn’t sleep well, parents suffer.  Colicky babies don’t sleep well and CFT helps release tension in the digestive system so they can be more relaxed and less fussy.  CFT calms the whole body and allows the brain to “breathe,” calming the nervous system and allowing it to function in a more balanced way.  


Babies with restricted tongue movement enjoy more tongue mobility thanks to CFT.  It’s been incredible to watch babies be able to stick their tongue out for the first time!  I have noticed increased lift of the tongue, better side-to-side movement of the tongue, and newfound ability to cup the tongue as well.  Latching is more comfortable for mom and there is a decrease in the intake of air as baby feeds and general reduction of gassiness in baby.  Babies who have been referred by their physician to a dentist for a tongue and/or lip tie revision benefit greatly from receiving CFT in the days before the revision and following the revision.  Some mothers have noticed enough of an improvement in breastfeeding following CFT that they choose not to go and get the revision.  


Fascia strain around the digestive organs or in the sacrum can contribute to constipation and gas.  Parents bring their baby in saying that baby hasn’t pooped in days!  Unwinding this fascia tension usually results in a very full diaper either during the session or in the hours following it.  Within a few sessions elimination happens consistently on a regular basis.  

What else?

Parents have reported their baby’s head shape improving and becoming more smooth and round.  Parents have also reported baby smiles more, baby begins to unclench and unfurl hands, baby becomes more relaxed, baby rolls in both directions, teeth come in with less complaint, life with baby seems easier!  CFT sets babies up to thrive!

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