Therapeutic Massage

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Therapeutic Massage is a clinical approach to working with muscular disorders to increase mobility and soften strained muscles. Therapeutic massage may include the following techniques:

  • MYOFACIAL RELEASE (or MFR): This modality concentrates on expanding and mobilizing facial restrictions to allow more room for muscular growth and potential. MFR also has a strong impact on all structures and organ systems below the targeted site, creating a deeper sense of healing and balance.
  • NUEROMUSCULAR THERAPY (or NMT): This modality hones in on trigger points, which are bundles of knotted muscle fibers, that when activated refer pain to other areas of the body. NMT strives to retrain or awaken, depending on if those muscles are overly engaged or under-facilitated.
  • SPORTS MASSAGE: This is a custom catered massage for active individuals. Depending on if your preparing for an event or just finished, sports massage is designed to optimize performance or to help reduce sore muscles, injuries and fatigue, accelerating the healing process.
  • PRENATAL MASSAGE:  Pregnancy massage focuses on adapting to the individual needs during each phase of pregnancy. Certain positioning and restrictions will apply depending on the trimester. The primary focus of prenatal massage is to alleviate areas of tension due to the changes taking place in the body. This massage will benefit both physically and emotionally.
  • SWEDISH MASSAGE: A form of therapeutic massage predominantly used for relaxation but integrates in techniques of therapeutic massage for muscular benefit.
  • RELAXATION MASSAGE: The ultimate blissful massage! Perfect for zoning out and letting the lighter pressure and sweeping movements soothe away stress and fatigue. Enjoy centering your awareness to the here and now, while focusing on breath and sensation.