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5 Element Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine

Whether or not you’ve had acupuncture before, in our Bozeman clinic or elsewhere, you may find a 5 Element session a bit different than expected.  Unlike Traditional Chinese Acupuncture (TCM), 5 Element acupuncture is based on classic Taoist philosophy, dating back thousands of years.  This philosophy views humans as three intertwined aspects: body, mind and spirit.  In addition, it takes into account the 5 elements, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, or Metal and assumes humans are part of nature and subject to the laws of nature. Like everything else, each of us is made up of those energies in unique combinations. Our particular constitution lends us to certain strengths and weaknesses, the weaknesses often the causative factor in sickness, pain, or a less than a vibrant life. So balancing your constitutional make-up becomes the focus of 5 Element treatments.

The goal of a 5 Element acupuncturists is to customize treatment to support and nourish your constitution. To accomplish this,  a thorough intake is needed to get to know you. This will focus on your health goals and expectations. Then, we discuss your symptoms, body and mental functions, emotional health, and lifestyle. It may seem like a lot, but it all matters. It’s all connected. It is also important in 5 Element acupuncture to do a physical assessment of your health. This includes feeling your pulse, which gives information about the quality of energy in your body and a tongue analysis, which reflects your internal environment.

Treatment with the 5 Element philosophy includes inserting thin, sterile acupuncture needles into points selected for your unique health status. Moxa (a Chinese herb) may be used on some acupuncture points to nourish energy (Qi) and blood in an area or your body. Unlike most other styles of acupuncture, the therapist is in the treatment room during your treatment. There may be quite periods, but a helping hand is there if you are in need.  At times, a customized herbal formula will be prescribed to work with the acupuncture.

Follow-up treatments are similar, but often shorter.  We discuss improvements in your health (or not), new symptoms, and how treatments are progressing.

Stand-alone herbal consultations are also available. These are shorter because there is no acupuncture.  Custom Chinese herbal formulas are created to address your health needs and support your constitution. Formulas can also be shipped directly to your home if you like.  For refills, please allow 24 hours to process.

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