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I was raised in New Jersey, the youngest of a large, loving family.  As I ventured out into the world, I went all the way across the river to New York City to study Biology at Columbia University. Halfway through my undergraduate program, I realized the east coast was a great place to be from, but not the place I was meant to stay. So with degree in hand, I headed for the Colorado Rockies to learn the art of skiing.  I then continued west to California to study dolphins and experience the amazing world of surfing. After a summer of almost five years, I headed north to pursue a Master’s degree at MSU, landing me a career in Landscape Ecology and Conservation Biology.

Then one day a beautiful baby boy came into my life and everything began to shift.  I found myself needing to create, to work with my hands, to be a positive force in the world in a more tangible way. And my focus had changed from the Rocky Mountains to my backyard garden. I began to see that conservation is most likely to happen when we feel connected—connected to the world around us, connected to each other, and connected to the person we want to be in this life. After being blessed again, this time with a lovely girl-child, I began searching for a way to help people tune into themselves and discover how they resonate with nature.

Enter Five Element acupuncture.

I then began my journey into acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine at the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture in Gainesville, Florida.  Five Element acupuncture is grounded in the classical Chinese medical texts written more than 2000 years ago. The foundational texts are based in Taoism which looks to Nature for teachings and wisdom. The energies of our bodies, our environments, and our planet influence us in blatant and subtle ways. Awareness of these energies helps us see what brings us ease and what brings us dis-ease. Are we paddling upstream or flowing with the current? Finding harmony with the energy of Nature allows us to heal, to grow, and to be true to ourselves.

In classical Chinese medicine equal emphasis is given to what are called the Three Treasures of humankind – jing (the inherited essence), qi (the life energy, consciousness), and shen (the spirit or soul). We are body, mind, and spirit, without separation. To treat one without the others can at times be effective and useful, but deeper, long-lasting healing is more likely achieved when we serve the whole being in its integrity. This is the goal of Five Element acupuncture – not only to move toward bodily health, but also to experience vibrant living and make evolution of the spirit possible. I invite you to experience Five Element acupuncture for yourself. I look forward to meeting you.

Her Approach to Helping You Heal

Lauren Oechsli, LAC

BA in Biology from Columbia University

MS in Biology from Montana State University

Masters of Acupuncture from the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture

Certificate in Chinese Herbal Medicine from the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture