Megan Ulrichs, Holistic Nutritional Counselor

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Holistic Nutrition

I received my undergraduate degree in Nutrition and Exercise Science in 1992 and worked as a personal trainer developing individual exercise and nutrition plans until I began my career as a full time mom. While staying home and raising my three crazy fun boys, I began to turn my nutrition skills into useful tools (unbeknownst to me or my family at the time). It wasn’t until my middle son was four years old, and his teachers began telling me that he needed to be on Ritalin for Attention Deficit Disorder that I knew things needed to change.

I poured myself into holistic nutritional healing; and over the course of a few years completely changed our diets and in turn had teachers and fellow moms asking us, “what have you done? My how calm your son has become!” “Do you have him on medication now? He is a different child!” After self educating for another 8 years, I decided to pursue a masters degree in holistic nutrition from Hawthorn University. My 3 years at Hawthorn University played an integral role in advancing my knowledge in healing through food. It is my passion, honor and privilege to help others feel those same powerful health improvements as my son did. Since earning my Masters in Holistic Nutrition and working at Spring Integrative Health, I have worked with clients who run the gamut of individuals with digestive issues, children with learning or behavioral challenges, to endurance athletes, pregnant women,

high cholesterol patients, diabetics, weight loss/gain, and pre or post surgery nutrition planning.  It is my goal to educate individuals on the theory and practice of food as medicine.

A lot of people want to know “what I am” – vegetarian, vegan, raw foodist, fruitarian, paleo, ketogenic…guess what? I am a person who eats!

My food philosophy

is this: I abhor labels. They force a person to define themselves with very rigid terms, and beat themselves up if they suddenly eat something that doesn’t fit that definition. Therefore, I never want to have to label what “kind” of diet I subscribe to. Being dogmatic about anything, for me, just doesn’t work. Being flexible does. I also believe that every person is unique and has individual needs when it comes to diet, lifestyle and health. In considering each client’s needs and listening to their stories; I develop protocols to fit those needs in an effort to enable my clients to heal and or thrive through food. SO to answer the question, I eat almost entirely organic food. My diet consists mainly of vegetables, sustainably and humanely raised animal proteins, seasonal fruit, some beans, lentils, nuts, and seeds. You’ll even catch me me nibbling on the occasional tortilla chip or decadent dessert but mostly you’ll see me sipping green drinks, broths or exotic herbal teas. The only label I’ll slap on myself is “whole-food-lover”. Nothing makes me feel better, think better, and look healthier than whole foods! And the big bonus? I never count calories nor do I expect my clients to do so. I know that if you follow my lead, your body will thank you by falling into a state of balance and health, naturally.

I offer packages of nutritional coaching to keep you on track once educating you on the powerful healing qualities of food and dietary habits. I will help you accomplish your health goals, whether it is simply to learn how to eat a healthier diet, lose weight, drop your cholesterol numbers, navigate food intolerances, gain endurance for your next race, feel strong all day long and avoid that afternoon slump, or ease joint pain and digestive disorders, I will educate you and hold your hand through the healing journey of food as medicine.


Megan Ulrichs

MSHN - Masters in Science of Holistic Nutrition)