Healing the Heart: Physical and Emotional Healing

Healing the Heart Spring Integrative Health Dr. Krieger

By Dr. Jennifer Krieger

Healing the Physical Heart

Healing the Heart Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus Tea for Healing the Heart

Hibiscus tea is my favorite tea to drink.  It tastes tart and zippy and is such a beautiful magenta color, which makes me feel super hip none-the-less while I’m sipping on it.  It steeps superbly well in both hot and cold water, which in turn, makes it lovely to enjoy all year round. BUT did you know that this flavorful, antioxidant packed, herbal tea actually supports a healthy cardiovascular system?  It’s true! By drinking 1-2 cups daily you may lower your blood pressure and support healthy cholesterol levels. If those aren’t enough reasons to make hibiscus tea part of your daily tea routine, I don’t know what is!

Healing the Emotional Heart

Healing the Heart Homeopathics

Homeopathics for Healing the Heart

Homeopathy is one of my most treasured modalities to practice as a naturopathic physician. What I love most about homeopathy is its ability to heal the emotional imbalances commonly seen in my patients, which in turn allows me to focus on treating the whole person.

With Valentine’s Day in February we often focus on the ones starstruck with love.  But let’s not forget about the broken-hearted. Whether dealing with loss, tragic news, carrying the stress of caregiving for a loved one or ailing from disappointed love or a failed relationship – the correctly chosen homeopathic remedy will often take the edge off and help facilitate emotional healing. Homeopathics shine at treating the energy of the heart or shen energy. If you or someone you know is struggling with emotional stress and discontent, consider scheduling a visit with any of the naturopathic doctors at Spring to discuss if homeopathy is right for you.

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What is it like to see a Naturopathic Doctor?

Often people ask me what it is like to see a naturopathic doctor (ND). I usually tell them it is a lot like seeing a family MD. We have you fill out the regular forms, take your blood pressure and temperature. We do physical exams when necessary, such as listen to your heart or look in your ears.  Sometimes we will draw blood or send you for an X-ray.

But that is where the similarity ends.   After I ask a bunch of questions about your health I will turn the tables and ask you what you think.  This can surprise some people. As an ND, I am interested in knowing how you relate to your symptoms and how it affects your life.  This can give me important clues in how to best treat you and where lifestyle changes can be made.

Also, since I focus on treating your whole body, not just the complaint you came in for, I will ask about any other symptoms you may be having — big or small.  All parts of your body are connected and communicating with one another!  For example, if I treat your thyroid, it is important for me to address your heartburn and your sinus congestion as well. It is all part of you, and in my opinion, connected in some way.  This also helps me pick medicine for you that treats the big picture, instead of a supplement for your thyroid, another for your congestion, and yet another for digestion.  Less medicine, natural or pharmaceutical, is best in my opinion!  I will select the medicine that treats the underlying cause of your imbalance so you can get the most bang for your buck!

So seeing a naturopathic physician is not much different than seeing your MD. Expect a little more talking and a lot more digging—all in an effort to uncover the cause of your health issues.

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