Best Gyms in Bozeman for Moms!

Written by Merrick Running

Spring’s Physical Therapist and Pelvic Health Specialist

You’ve just reached the milestone of sleeping through the night with your infant and feel like you can start integrating back into human life again. Schedules are returning to semi-normalcy and you’ve had a few successful social outings with your baby and the pack-’n-play. You find suddenly a renewed desire to get active and the workout craze hits you. You’re eager to start feeling healthy, getting active and burning off that baby fat! The question is, where do I start? Newly surfacing in Bozeman are boutique gyms and studios and it can be intimidating as a new mom to know what is best for you and your postpartum bod. We’ve compiled a list of the best gyms in Bozeman specifically to help you mamas, providing support and care in the ways and places  that you need.

First up on the list is Club Pilates. Receiving five stars on Google reviews this boutique offers reformer-based, strength-training and flexibility to any age group. Each 50 minute class is capped at 12 participants, providing amazing attention to detail for all clients whether newbie or veteran. Classes are offered 7 days a week with comprehensively pilates certified instructors, a few of whom are also physical therapists, another superb quality feature.

Each client creates a wellness account and instructors design specific classes to meet these goals, including postpartum specifications or fitness concerns. For new moms, Club Pilates recommends scheduling a private session with an instructor in order to discuss possible modifications for conditions like diastasis recti. Club pilates’ motto emphasizes pilates as the key to living a happier, healthier and more satisfying life. Head to their website and sign up for their free intro class now!

Next up is Mountain Yoga. At this homey studio located on East Babcock street, yogis or novices alike can enjoy a variety of class offerings throughout the week. Mountain Yoga class packaging includes happy hours for $5, drop ins for $15 and unlimited monthly passes for $30. Specifically, Mountain Yoga offers a postnatal class where moms learn to support themselves, so that they can support the ones that they love. Teacher Jessica Cartwright helps ladies connect through their breath to both support and relax the low belly and pelvic floor muscles and learn how to make everyday actions, healing. Babies are welcomed into these 60 minute classes and numbers can range from 2 to 12 moms. A forum approach is how Jessica creates her tribe, allowing space during class for discussion and community building based on birth experiences, physical struggles and emotional barriers. These classes help moms strengthen their bodies and minds from the ground up, with many varieties to each class style. Modifications and adjustments are given for ladies into what feels good for them. Check out Jessica’s page to get to know her and her passion better!

This next gym, the YMCA, offers classes and programs for the whole family. The YMCA provides group fitness classes, nutritional counseling and has childcare available at a nominal cost. Family monthly rates start at $70 and can service up to 3 adults. One of the Y’s class offerings, Mama Fit, is a unique workout designed specifically for expecting mamas-to-be and women 6 weeks to 10 years postpartum. Class size is capped at 10 women for allowing instructor Melinda Turner, close attention to detail during each 45 min work-out. For those who have diastasis recti or pelvic floor issues, this class focuses on functional deep core and pelvic floor engagement providing a challenging yet safe full-body workout, leaving ladies feeling energized and strong. Mama Fit classes are free to YMCA members and $10 to nonmembers. Melinda recognizes that everyBODY is different and also offers in home specialized, mom-to-mom training sessions. Her unique syllabus begins with a foundational crash-course, covering all the key topics like alignment and how to properly engage your deep core. Pay a visit to Melinda’s website to get more information or visit the YMCA website to find Melinda’s classes

Following suit is a newer studio on the East end of town, Zephyr cycling. This boutique studio provides powerful spin classes through the power of music. Zephyr maxes at 33 bikes and classes are rhythm-based so everything done has its foundation to the beat of songs played. Classes vary in length from 30 – 60 minutes, some utilizing hand weights, and they hold additional strength and mobility classes in their loft space 6 days per week. Zephyr offers a first week sweat pass for $18 for any curious mom and their amenities tailor to a busy work schedule, providing on-site showers complete with Kevin Murphy hair products, towels, body wash,  face wash, lotion and even hair ties – basically, get yourself to the studio and they’ll take care of the rest! The team at zephyr speaks to the quality of this studio, with each instructor completing specific course work helping develop authentic skill and energy. Instructors can provide mom’s guidance for each class to keep them safe, moving with the music and staying with the breath. Indoor cycling is one of the gentlest workouts on your joints and can be a perfect medium to get that bod moving again. Check out Zephyr’s website and enter the code NEWMOM now through the end of January to receive 10% off any class pass, new and old clients welcome!

Last, but definitely not the least is Bar Method. This hip studio lives in Ferguson Farms, providing 60-minute bar method classes and advanced classes and 45-minute express classes. This boutique offers a new client 3 pack class for $33 and unlimited monthly passes for $150. The Bar Method offers just that, a method, proven effective by using  your own body weight, the ballet barre and a few supporting props to create a transformative workout that results in long, lean sculpted muscle. Owner Christina Price and her trained instructors allow only exceptional form during class and provide constant hands-on corrections and modifications throughout the entire class. This ensures no overuse or injury when you’re burnin’ at the barre, especially for you moms. Conveniently the Bar Method offers a kids lounge during class, enabling a focused and awesome workout while the kiddos are safe and sound across the wall. Bar Method is also holding an expansive 8 week prenatal/postpartum series March 2019.  This workshop will provide in-depth core training with advancing progressions, as well as host resources from around the valley like lactation and nutrition consultants bringing information that is key to healthy and whole mamas. Head on over to the Bar Method website today!

Solving the Genetic Puzzle of Weight Loss

By: Dr. Mackie Mescon, Naturopathic Doctor at Spring Integrative Health

Genetics influence things like our eye color and hair color, but our genes can also influence how our bodies process and store energy (food), how sensitive we are to the types of foods we eat (such as proteins and fats), and how our bodies respond to different types of exercise.
At Spring we can use genetic testing specific to weight loss that helps us tailor a patient’s weight loss plan to meet their specific goals. We use testing that looks at 38 specific genes. Six of these genes help determine the body’s resistance to losing weight, which helps us create a more realistic plan to weight loss, whether that includes a stricter diet, more exercise, or longer duration program. One these genes helps us identify the body’s susceptibility to insulin-resistance. Insulin resistance is associated with diabetes, trouble losing weight, and sensitivity to high carb, low fiber diets. Certain botanicals and nutrients can be used to affect insulin sensitivity in addition to exercise and nutrition.

And then there is the question of exercise; how much and what type is best for each individual body? Genetic testing can identify 22 genes that relate to an individual’s response to cardio versus strength training exercise. Seven of these genes help determine if an individual is likely to do better on a high fat or high protein diet as part of a weight loss program.
Lastly, we learn about the MTHFR (or, Methyltetrahydrofolate reductase) gene, which determines how our bodies use folate, also known as Vitamin B9. Folate is important for clearing inflammatory markers like homocysteine, which can increase risk for cardiovascular disease. Folate is also important for building healthy DNA and supporting energy metabolism reactions in the body. Understanding how the body processes folate, and then supporting folate levels as indicated, can help reduce inflammation and improve metabolism, therefore supporting weight loss.

Genetic testing to support weight loss is an optional add on to our current weight loss and detoxification packages here at Spring. If you are curious about how genetic testing can apply to your own weight loss journey, please ask your ND! We will all be happy to help answer your questions and guide you on the path of genetic testing for weight loss support.

 Dragging through the days? Tired after a full night sleep?

By: Dr. Alisun Bonville — Just helping you out in your everyday journey 🙂

Let’s talk about adrenal fatigue. This is a true epidemic in our society due to the pressure to succeed in all categories of life and to look great while doing so! We work hard, play hard and spend more hours in our day working than we do relaxing and enjoying each other. Between the pressures of life and the food we have come to know as “healthy” it is no surprise that most of us are walking around exhausted and dependent on stimulants like coffee, sodas and sugar.

What is Adrenal Fatigue?

This is our bodies reaction to us asking too much of it. Each time we wake up and drink our morning cup of coffee, the adrenal glands kick in and produce the hormones known as corticosteroids. Cortisol levels typically are at their peak in the morning when we wake up and then taper off at night to help us begin our sleep cycle. Caffeine and sugar increases our cortisol levels. Once we begin our work day and our stress levels rise because of deadlines, a difficult boss, co worker or customer etc and more cortisol is produced to help the body manage these stressors. Now after a hard day of work, we hit the gym or the trails and we push our bodies to the max asking more from our adrenals. Or perhaps we lead a life of low stress that includes meditation, gentle exercise and pretty good diet, however we have an unknown food intolerance that causes bloating, joint pain, fatigue, brain fog and dis-ease. Or perhaps we have an injury or a accident that called for surgery….All of these incidents and lifestyles can lead to adrenal fatigue or worse exhaustion. Sounds hopeless? Not at all!

What are the symptoms?

Chronic fatigue, menstrual abnormalities, insomnia, hypoglycemia, hypothyroidism, depression, rapid aging, obesity, stress. Waking up after a full 8 or more hours of sleep and you’re still tired or not being able to fall asleep until the wee hours of the night are both symptoms that your adrenal glands are stressed.

How do I prevent this?

The good news is there’s a lot we can do to avoid this adrenal catastrophe! We can test for adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalances and food intolerances to get a clear picture of what’s going on. We can work with a doctor and nutrition expert to guide us through diet and supplements to support our adrenal health. A two fold approach is necessary in maintaining adrenal health.


A clean diet void of food intolerances, fried and processed foods and low in sugar, caffeine, alcohol and gluten not only help your body run like a freshly lubed engine, but also gives your adrenals a break and allows them to produce enough hormones at the appropriate times, rather than all day long! If you can maintain a diet rich in plant nutrients, healthy fats & proteins and organic fruits and vegetables along with probiotic rich foods like fermented cabbage (think sauerkraut, kimchi) your gut will thank you with a balanced gut flora and strong immune system. When your gut is healthy and balanced, your adrenals don’t have to go in over drive. This diet will also reward you with a sharper, more relaxed mind and sustained energy rather than brain fog, sugar spikes and crazy energy.


Laugh more, dance more, love more, and do what you enjoy more! Managing your stress through meditation, practicing your spirituality, talk therapy, self care (massage, acupuncture, craniosacral work, yoga, time away) and moderate exercise is important not only for your sanity, heart and bones but also for your over worked adrenals. Take some time to listen to your favorite music and go for a walk or perhaps you play an instrument or used to dance and sing? Tap into the things you used to do before life got hectic! Unplug from your electronic devices and plug into your loved ones or nature.

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